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In 2011, Health Care Reform and the concern about the economy continue to attract the attention of employers on how and what to do for their employees in regard to benefits. Attracting and retaining employees by enriching compensation is obviously essential in today’s marketplace. Finding and fine-tuning plans that provide the most benefit to personnel at reasonable costs to employees is a distinctive goal of Loveman, Kornreich & Steers, Inc.

Group Employee Benefits Programs

Group Medical Insurance

Group Employee Medical Plan benefits are provided to each employee and their dependents in many different forms.

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance provides a death benefit to each employee, which may include accidental death and dismemberment protection.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance coverage can be provided for employees and their dependents for preventive, basic and major services.

Long Term Disability Insurance

In the event an employee becomes disabled as a result of an accident or a sickness, the employee may receive a percentage of his/her income based upon previous earned income.

Long Term Care Insurance

An employer may sponsor Individual Long Term Care policies that may be purchased at a discount.

Retirement Plans

Employer sponsored retirement plans are one of the best ways to plan for the future 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit or defined contribution pensions, and annuities are all vehicles that should be maximized by an employee if possible.

Voluntary Benefits Will Offer Employers Significant Benefit Solutions

Aflac is the world's leading provider of Supplemental - Voluntary insurance. The Aflac brand is one of the most trusted names in insurance and one of the most reputable. Offering Aflac to your employees can enhance and complement your existing benefit package. Aflac products are offered directly to the employees with absolutely no cost to the employers. In fact, employers can enjoy the benefit of a tax savings. Furthermore, with Aflac you�ll be offering more than just insurance coverage. Aflac is the country�s largest employee benefits enrollment engine.

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